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The SBWN network is an inclusive, friendly group of women from a wide variety of professions. One of the most rewarding aspects of membership is the invitation for all members to become involved either as a committee member, or as a helper member in any of the smaller "bite-sized" jobs that help the network. Getting involved is the best way to network and build friendships!

Current Committee

From left: Terry Guilford (Secretary), Megan Vuillermin (President), Deanne Staley (Events), Gillian Mertens (Publicity),  Laura Sullivan, Julie Blackman (Treasurer), Lynda Western (Membership), Margaret Ornsby (Digital Media Officer), Lisa Klmmet and Chelsea Taylor 

We'd love you to participate in our network!

Enjoy camaraderie and collaboration when you work with us. Make friends, build relationships and take advantage of the fabulous networking opportunities.

If you would like to get involved and support the committee, please contact our President, Megan Vuillermin at president@sbwn.com.au.

Better still, come and chat to us at one of our events!

Here are some ways you can help...


As a helper, you will be called on (as agreed) to work with our Committee member responsible for the category. You are not expected to attend committee meetings, although you are very welcome to do so! You may attend a special meeting from time to time relating to the special job you are doing.

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We need to encourage members to post on Facebook, increase our “Likes”, make sure photos get uploaded from events and so on.

Dinner Event Helpers

There are many little jobs at a dinner event. Welcoming, setting up, arranging the door prizes, taking photos, speaking, mc-ing, writing the follow up articles for the newspapers, website, looking after guests, setting out place cards – so much! The more help we have the easier it is on everybody! 

Or, you might like to run and plan your own dinner event! Pick one event for the year and make it yours!

Join our Committee!

More on the roles here

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